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Meet Caitlin

Caitlin did her first upper level three day event in her mothers womb onboard her super star OTTB Derby, who was later competed by world famous Olympian Phillip Dutton.
Horses have always been in her blood and Caitlins life was devoted to them the moment she sat on her first horse.

Growing up, Caitlin was often handed the challenging horses from devilish ponies to hot thoroughbreds and a few feral horses her family acquired over the years when their owners
had lost all hope. That upbringing cemented her belief that every horse, with the right training and patience can have a successful outcome. She was fortunate enough as a child
to be able to learn from and draw inspiration her mother as well as some of the best trainers in the world. Bruce Davidson was a close family friend and coach to her mother and later her.

Caitlin continued eventing throughout her life and gained tremendous experience outside of the sport working as an exercise jockey at the race track in Lethbridge, Canada, working for world famous
Icelandic rider Asta Covert and back country packing horses and mules with her families business in California and Montana.

For several years after school Caitlin was assistant trainer to Rolex competitor, Bunnie Sexton in Santa Ynez, CA. She rode up to 15 horses a day breaking young horses and competing
through the Intermediate eventing as well as being an instructor for the Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club, teaching kids and adults from the grassroots up to the higher levels of the sport.

After venturing out on her own Caitlin found herself managing and being head trainer at a facility with over 50 horses, giving up to 20 lessons a week as well as taking client horses and
students to competitions. Working with so many different personalities both horse and rider Caitlin developed a knack for matchmaking horses to riders and really started a solid sales
program. She continues to take in sales horses for clients as well as always having one or two prospects of her own to develop and later sell when she feels they are ready for a successful

Throughout her career Caitlin has competed hundreds of horses from their first shows to bringing horses from the ground up to the Intermediate level of eventing. She is partnered with
several wonderful sport horse breeders including Rose Sullivan, owner of SE Farms and the #1 eventing sire in the USA , Clair de Lune SE, John Hartley owner of Storybook Horse Farms who breeds Canadian
(Cheval) and warmblood sport horses for eventing and Theresa Shelly in California who breeds Connemara sport ponies and crosses.

Caitlin never misses an opportunity to continue learning and growing as a horsemen and everyday strives to be better then the day before. Horses are her lifelong journey and it is evident by her dedication to their care and well being as well their continued progress in their individual training programs that there is no shortage of passion for success in her chosen career. 

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