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Meet Andres


Andres has been described by many as an astoundingly naturally gifted horse trainer. He not only trains horses, but also is a wonderful clinician that has a gift for uncovering the core issues and takes a methodical and gentle approach to solving them resulting in astonishing transformations.

Andres grew up in Medellin, Colombia, but spent most his childhood riding horses at his families farm in El Retiro, not far from Medellin. There, his father instilled in hima love for horses and ignited the passion for becoming a professional horseman.At 18 years old, after deciding a career in horses was his destiny, Andres began an apprenticeship with a well known roping trainer as well as working at a Polish Arabian stablewhere he started colts and trained horses for the sport of Endurance racing. He also attended Caeguinos Agriculture college obtaining a degree in Equine Business Administration as well as his farrier degree.

Shortly after, Andres made his move to the United States where opportunities for such a talented trainer were plentiful. He worked for several barns around Texas gaining experience and crafting his skills. These barns included cutting horses and Arabian horses. In 2015 he went on to win the Championship at the Egyptian Event in Lexington Kentucky on his personal stallion at the time, Scorpios. He also received the prestige's El Gohara award which is awarded to the horse and rider pair that demonstrate the best relationship in the entire show. After a breathtaking presentation at this show Andres was asked to put one on every year. He would perform anything from tricks, to bridless riding, mounted shooting, liberty work, roping as well as a colt starting demo. Andres participated twice in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas and has worked with several wild mustangs that come in for training.

After making a highly respectable name for himself in the equine industry, Andres was offered a job as head trainer at one of the most prestiges Arabian farms in the world, Varian Arabians in Arroyo Grande, CA. He spent the next two years training hundreds of the highest quality horses for the stables and the public, including world famous stallion, Major Mac V.

Andres has always had a passion for colt starting and roping as well as breeding high quality Quarter horses, Arabians and crosses. He has several top notch horses for sale at a time and is passionate about starting them correctly insuring they have successful careers. Now located in Waco, Texas Andres is training for the public, taking in sales horses and organizing clinics. His skill set is among the best and his attention to detail both when training and managing the care of the horses is something that can be counted on making him a rare find in todays equine industry. 

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