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As a horse trainer Caitlin is a true unicorn.  She has an extensive base of knowledge that she uses to guide both horses and riders through a thorough training program.  She is capable of handling all different types of horses and ponies and giving them a solid foundation.  She provides a serious riding program full of fun and extraordinary experiences ranging from shows, trail rides and learning to retrain rescue horses.   My daughter started riding with Caitlin in a pony camp at 8 years old and by working with Caitlin she grew into a competitive three day event rider with experience restarting racehorses and feral ponies.  Caitlin has a good feel for what a horse and rider needs to grow confidently as a team and provides all the resources they need to accomplish their goals.  Caitlin fosters a supportive and friendly environment and community at her barn and I highly recommend Caitlin and her program for anyone wanting a supportive and solid training program.

Cricket Wood
Graduate B pony clubber
Adult Amateur Intermediate Event rider

Last year I acquired a beautiful talented 5 year old mare who was halter broke, and not much else.  The trainer I had previously used to start young horses was unavailable, but a friend whose opinion I trust recommended Andres Castaño.  I talked to Andres and really liked him, the only catch was that he was 5 hours away.  On a leap of faith and with my fingers firmly crossed, I had the mare shipped down to Andres.  

I have never regretted this decision!  Under his patient tutelage, the mare has progressed into a well rounded equine citizen.  She goes beautifully in the arena, she trail rides in tight company in large groups, and she’s gone gathering cattle in the mountains.  Everything she’s asked to do she does with confidence and competency.  Andres has taken beautiful care of her and provided regular updates on her progress.  

I trust him so completely and I’m so delighted with what he’s done with her, that when he told me he and Caitlin were moving to Texas, I said take her with you!  She has transitioned to schooling with Caitlin who is doing a fantastic job of teaching her to be an event horse.  

If I’m ever in the position of needing to have another young horse to be started, either under saddle or over fences, I absolutely plan on sending the horse to their beautiful farm in Texas.
- Sue Thompson

“With life comes unforeseen changes, and I was devastated when I no longer had the time to work with my own horse – my demon/dream horse. I was hesitant to leave my mare with a trainer, as I’d heard horror story after horror story over the years about horses getting ruined in the wrong hands, and so I let her sit for an entire year – and I’m so happy that I did. I held out until the right trainer was brought to my attention, Andres Castano.
My initial meeting with Andres left me quite impressed, and so I hired him immediately. Within a few days he was hauling my tantrum-throwing girl to his place to start her under saddle, and unlike other trainers in my area, Andres allowed me to visit my mare often because I have separation anxiety from this horse, whom I had raised from a weanling. I not only got to check on her well-being while she was in his care – and to be honest, she was thriving more with him than she ever had with me, but I also got to witness her progress first-hand.
Andres helped to correct some of my three-year-old’s behavioral issues that I had been struggling with, such as her walking all over me and refusing to stand quietly when tied, taught her how to accept that a bath is part of a normal horse’s life, and he also corrected her weight issue (she was a fatty, I can’t deny it). He also taught me how to better care for my horse’s needs, as I’d been away from the cowgirl life for over twenty-five years and had forgotten a number of things, while having also never learned others. I knew basic horse care, but I learned much more from Andres, who was genuinely invested in the well-being of all the horses in his care. He is incredibly knowledgeable and willingly shares what he knows – from both an educational aspect and from his vast experience with handling horses over the years. If I had a question or any doubts about anything, he was quick to answer and put me at ease.
When my mare came home to me, she was no longer the neighborhood nightmare. She had practically matured overnight. She was quieter, calmer, and easier for me to handle. I was able to finally start riding her for the first time ever, and without a worry in my head that she would buck or bolt. Andres had desensitized her to dogs and cattle, which was a huge plus for me because we have a lot of rowdy dogs at my stables that would previously spook her. He had introduced her to hills and riding out in the open, and had even worked with her on loading into a trailer without a fifteen-minute fight.
At the end of the day, I would truly recommend Andres as a horse trainer. He pays great attention to detail, exercises a ton of patience (my mare was a hard-headed brute in the beginning), and he’s very easy to get along with. I plan to hire him again when my new yearling is ready to be started under saddle.”
-Savana Vargas Lompoc, CA

If you're looking for an instructor trainer for your horse, yourself or your child, I would heartily recommend Caitlin Davison. Caitlin is a very talented, caring, insightful, and intuitive rider/trainer.  She makes working with her fun, safe, and effective. Her support of her riders and horses is never-ending.  Caitlin is THE BEST!!

-Kris Birdsell

Caitlin helped me find the unicorn horse of my dreams! She was extremely easy to communicate with, made the entire process enjoyable and there wasn’t a single detail that wasn’t handled seamlessly. I would absolutely trust her to sell a horse for me and have recommended her to many other people that have been looking to buy horses. She is knowledgeable, honest and has fantastic horsemanship.
- Megan Sullivan, owner of Elevated Equestrian

A sound foundation is essential for young horses, regardless of which discipline they
follow. This is why I choose Caitlin to work with my young horses, whether it is starting them from a clean slate, or continuing the early training they have received and letting her spend time on the basics so that they can continue to build trust in the human-horse partnership that will make a difference in their future successes in sport. She knows how to build confidence in a young horse.
Caitlin does not rush things, she would rather spend longer establishing the basics, and proceed more slowly, making sure that the horse understands everything before moving onto the next step. She’s very patient and kind as well as an excellent sales person. She has great contacts, as she has sold two horses for me in the last couple years for the price I wanted.
I can personally say that she is an excellent trainer and rider, as we have partnered together with a wonderful Belgian Warmblood gelding that is now competing in the 2**division since he was 5 yrs old. We are both hoping that the duo will keep moving up the eventing ranks and end up at Rolex someday!!
Caitlin currently has a third horse from my breeding operation. Not only has she started him with the help of her partner, Andres, but she is teaching him to jump and will take him to a couple of shows before we put him up for sale. I’m confident that he will sell fast as soon as he is ready. Both horses that she sold for me sold with the first person coming to try them I would say that’s a pretty good success rate.!!

I highly recommend Caitlin for backing your young horse, early training, schooling or training your horse at shows or sales! She will get the job done well, and right.

Rose Sullivan,  owner of SE Farms

When you meet Andres, he's probably one of the most likable people right from the start. He is so knowledgeable but isn't the kind to lord it over you or be insulting like some trainers I know.  He truly wants to help the horse and you get to a better place while respecting you both. He worked with my Ranch Riding mare, so she can drag and be roped off of, which she does beautifully now. And helped our anxious pleasure horse to work through that anxiety to be a calmer more focused horse for my daughter. I really appreciate that he takes whatever time the horse needs and never rushes the horse, and also takes into consideration the the health of the horse and the type of rider it has, there are so many moving parts to riding horses, it's all of this that makes it such a wonderful sport. Andres does an excellent job of preparing the horse and rider for whatever the future discipline may hold for them, and with a spirit of kindness that is rare today. He truly is a gifted horseman.
Tiffany Meyers,  owner of Travelers Farm Santa Ynez, CA 

I purchased a horse from Caitlin in 2020 and had a great experience. It is clear that she loves the horses in her care and has a true vested interest in them finding their perfect match.

Caitlin was transparent in every way about the horse I was interested in. He was also priced very fairly for the market and his experience level.

I would absolutely purchase from her again in the future and would recommend her to others, as well.

Jen Kessler

My name is Christina Ciaccio and I was a professional in the Hunter/Jumper industry for years (I've gratefully returned to amateur status after having children).  As a junior rider I worked for top trainers all over the US, from former Eventing Olympians to the top showjumping riders in the world.

Caitlin has impacted my life and the way I deal with horses more than I can say.  I have never met a more truer horseman. When I find myself overwhelmed I often think, "How would Caitlin handle this?". 

The ability to let horses be horses while developing them for competition is a true gift and I have never seen a more happy horse than the ones in her care. 

I highly recommend her. She will take your horse to the next level not only in performance but mentally as well. 

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